Cellars & Winemaking

Authenticity and simplicity in a place steeped in history

FROM THE VINE TO THE CHAI there's only one step

The grapes are sorted and picked by hand at optimum ripeness.
The grapes are then transported in small trailers to avoid damaging the bunches on the way to the winery.

Our cellars

The original part of our cellars dates back to the 19th century. While preserving their value, we have modernised them, equipping them and adapting them as best we can for the vinification and storage of our wines. Our pneumatic press and cooling unit are perfectly suited to our production.


The grapes are then taken to the winery by gravity to keep the bunches whole and intact with the stalks.


The grapes are vinified by terroir and by grape variety. Each terroir has its own vat. The whole bunches are fermented and macerated traditionally for 8 to 15 days, allowing our terroir to express itself while respecting its biodiversity. The wine is also devatted by hand, a real team effort.


Nicolas, who trained as an oenologist, and Céline make VINS DE FRANCE, CEPAGES, Côtes du Rhône, Côtes du Rhône VILLAGES, VILLAGES CHUSCLAN and LAUDUN through a range of fine wines in bottles and bag-in-boxes. We are artisan winemakers. We make wines with soul and character, always respecting people, the land and our traditions, with a touch of modernity and a dash of boldness, all in a simple way.
Céline and Nicolas 
Our hundred-year-old beehive, from which our little wild black bees have been observing the cellars for over a century.
  • Vinification from mother to daughter

Our wines

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