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TERRA VITIS certification

In parallel with HVE certification, we decided to go even further in our practices and to commit the estate and our wines to TERRA VITIS certification.
With a set of specifications and commitments that reflect our values, it was only natural that we wanted our practices to be recognised, as well as incorporating respect for human labour, which is part of our philosophy.

Respect for nature and people

TERRA VITIS is currently the only certification dedicated exclusively to the wine sector and recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
To sum up, the main principles are
- To increase and enhance biological diversity in and around vineyards.
- To improve or preserve the quality of water, air and vineyard soil.
- Improve worker safety
- To ensure excellent hygiene in the winery.
- Limit the production of waste, sort it and ensure it is taken care of in the appropriate channels.
- Promote responsible viticulture and maintain or develop triple performance: environmental, economic and social!
- Above all, to favour natural regulation mechanisms and learn to protect the natural balance of the vineyard.
- Promoting a healthy environment to protect the health of producers, their employees, their neighbours and the general public.
- To choose, as a last resort, the plant protection products that have the least impact on our environment, on their health, but also on the health of those around them and that of consumers.
- To ensure the production of healthy grapes and great wines by reducing residue levels to a minimum.

A philosophy

Terra Vitis certifies compliance with demanding, measurable specifications that structure winegrowing operations in a responsible, progressive approach.
On each estate, around 80 requirements are checked either by the local Terra Vitis association or by an approved independent body, a guarantee of seriousness and transparency. Each winegrower is certified annually according to a defined control plan.

Terra Vitis certification provides consumers with the guarantee of certified responsible viticulture.

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